Poe Bailey

5'9, Appears 25 years old, short blonde hair, long trench coat, usually carrying lemon-soaked paper napkin packets


Clan: Malkavian
Generation: 10th
Sire: LuKahn
ATTRIBUTES (7/5/3. Each already has 1 level)

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 2

SOCIAL (3) +1
Charisma: 2
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 3

MENTAL (7) +1
Perception: 4
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 4

ABILITIES (13/9/5)

TALENTS 13 (+1)
Alertness 3
Athletics 1
Brawl 2
Carousing 2
Empathy 1
Fortune telling 1
Streetwise 1
Subterfuge 2
Hobby Talent
Malkavian time 1

SKILLS 9 (+2)
Acrobatics 1
Animal Ken 1
Blind Fighting 1
Crafts 1
Etiquette 1
Firearms 2
Larceny 1
Stealth 2
Survival 1

Area knowledge
Camarilla Lore
Clan knowledge
Finance 1
Investigation 1
Kindred Lore
Linguistics 1
Medicine 1
Occult 2
Science 1
Spirit Lore
Underworld Lore
Expert knowledge

Auspex 2
Obfuscate 1
Dementation 1

10th generation 2 (
1 freebie)
Mentor – primogen 2 (+1 freebie)
Resources – sufficient (1 freebie)
Arsenal 1

VIRTUES (7 pts each already has 1 level)
Conscience: 4
Self Control: 2
Courage: 4

HUMANITY (Self Control + Conscience):6
WILLPOWER (Courage):4


Acute sense (1pt) – hearing
Ambidextrous (physical) (1pt)
Scholar of Others – Mages (2pt)
Time Sense (1pt)

FLAWS (No more than 7pts worth of Flaws)
Addiction – Alcohol (physical) (1pt)
Prey Exclusion – artists (1pt)
Vulnerability to silver (2pt)
Dark Secret (1pt)

Freebies Available
-Kindred: 15 Pts
-Flaws: 5

Freebies Spent:16
-Abilities: 12
-Backgrounds: 3 pts spent
-Virtues: 0
-Humanity or Willpower:0
TOTAL SPENT: 83 pts including freebies


Poe Bailey was born in 1908 in Montgomery, Alabama to a professor of literature, Thomas Bailey and his wife, Iola. She was classmates with a girl named Zelda Sayre, and the two were always getting into trouble together. A wild child herself, Poe was the bane of her two brothers, who wanted her to settle down to be “fit for proper society”, but it never happened. Even as her best friend Zelda met and eventually married her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald, the two kept in touch through the post. As Poe grew older, and tired of the slow churn of hours that happened for young ladies of “consequence”, she finally begged Zelda to let her stay in New York with her. After several months of pleading, Zelda finally agreed, only she and her husband were heading for Paris, France for the summer – perhaps longer. Poe was overjoyed, and quickly packed her things, using a little money she had saved to buy train fare to New York.

At first, the wild parties and excitement of being a Flapper were great fun. However, Scott and Zelda were seldom happy with each other, and Poe soon realized that Zelda was using her to escape her husband and run amock with various men that she met along the way. Poe was no where near as adventurous, but did not want to be sent home because she was no longer useful. As Zelda met up with a certain French Pilot named Edouard Jozan, and their trists became lengthier – and more boring for Poe- she took to long walks along the Seine, and eventually found the Louvre. It was there that she became infatuated with the great masters.

One evening, as she was alone among the Rembrants, a quiet hand touched her shoulder. That is how she met Lukahn, her sire. He had been watching her for some time, and finally had gained permissions from his peculiar need for all of the numbers to line up to approach her. Poe became quickly infatuated with the man – who looked about 30, with blonde hair tied in a pony tail and sparkling gray eyes that flitted around. He began to teach her about the network, about things that spoke to him, and the holistic ways that the most obscure of happenings linked to one another. Then he bit her, of course. Her first hunt was a quick one, ending as she subdued the pilot Edouard Jozan, and took his life. Zelda had vanished, looking for her friend, but Lukahn eased Poe’s guilt by exposing the pilot’s throat. Jozan was the thrall of an awful and ghastly cult of vampires in Paris, he said. LuKahn’s blood already tainting Poe’s mental processes, she saw the causality of the thing. This cult was planning to court Fitzgerald through his wife, and through them both have a subtle way in to New York, right under the Prince of New York’s nose. And it all made sense, because he had his 3rd button unbuttoned, and his right index fingernail was not cut.

Poe quickly forgot her human family, and the murder investigation that arose because of Poe’s heroic deed was lost on her. She and Lukahn traveled throughout Europe. He had not made a childe in over 500 years, and they got along famously. He wanted to show her everything, to experience everything through her eyes. Poe found that she enjoyed painting and sketching – things she had no ability for in life. She doesnt’ know how old Lukahn was when they met (at least 501!) , but she does know that he is very powerful. Lukahn and Poe made their way eventually to Chicago, and until the Great Evil Thing began to surface, they were happy. LuKahn took her to New Orleans only 10 years ago. He was worried about the Great Evil that seemed to be crawling out of the sewers in the windy city. New Orleans, of course, was so much older. There were rules to follow, and because they followed them, LuKahn was treated with a wary respect by the elders in the city. He, of course, was not interested in politics – only in place with music, entertainment, dancing, and art.

Three years ago, Lukahn left abruptly, exacting a promise from the Prince of New Orleans to keep an eye on his childe. The Great Evil was spreading, and he had to leave before it discovered that Poe meant something to him. So he vanished. There were rumors that Chicago had caught up with him, and he was now resting in the bottom of Lake Michigan in a locked iron coffin, but Poe doesn’t believe that. She hears him, sometimes. Of course, she hears lemon-soaked paper napkins, shrimp, and garden gnomes, too.

So she’s been on her own, in the Big Easy, for 3 years. The Prince humors LuKahn by inviting her to parties and “meetings” if he’s not heard from her in a while, and she has brought him some information that has helped head off trouble in the past. Since she is addicted to drunken humans, she tends to frequent Bourbon Street and jazz festivals a great deal. LuKahn has left every material possession to her, but since they never had a real house – always choosing to live in museums, she has no idea how much she has, or where it is. She has a card. The card pays for everything. She thinks the card talks to LuKahn. The card must be used 10 times a day, or the bill must be a factor of 10 for the card to continue paying for things – at least that’s how she sees it.

Poe is drawn to mages. She likes petting the Garou, and is innocent-acting enough to actually get away with it most of the time, but she LOVES mages. They do interesting things! Her mental problems are mainly hallucinations and compulsive counting to 10. Around Kindred, she appears naïve, quiet, observant, and is usually ignored or given patronizing glances. If she is not living above a museum, she is living above a mage, or at least next door. The top floor of her home is covered with bits of string, drawings of her nightmares, and her own charcoal sketches of the people she cares about.

Poe Bailey

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