Doll Hicks

10 years old, light brown hair, about 4 feet tall, brown eyes. Unsettling aura


It was in a run-down Chicago tenement infested by a kindred gang called the chupacabra that Doll was first discovered. Her “mother”, an awakened of unknown power, had fashioned her out of other people in an attempt to fill a hole in her childless heart. While cleaning the place out of gang members, the group found her. It was decided to get her to safety, and figure out what she was later.

Since then, Ben Hicks and Randy Hankins were moved to Normal, AL. Doll, adopted by Ben, has slowly taken on more of a personality. She has entered school at (Mage-run) A&M University, and has made friends with those who appear to be her own age. She has developed in knowledge and confidence as well as sass, and has been with the group during many of its escapades.

Doll Hicks

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